How do I install a radiator?

The following manual does not apply to every radiator.

  1. The radiator must first be fixed to the wall with brackets. At least 10 cm must be kept free at the bottom and 5 cm from the wall. This is necessary for better air circulation.

  2. Then hang the radiator in the brackets. The vent valve must be set so that it is at the highest point. Try not to make the vent valve visible, so that all air can get out when venting.

  3. Attach the vent tap, it has now been fitted with a Teflon seal.

  4. Now the tap and drain connection can be attached to the radiator. This time, the screw thread must also be wrapped in the opposite direction with Teflon tape to prevent leakage.

  5. Branch off the ring line to the radiator. Take the shortest route with as few bends as possible. This pipe must also be attached to the wall with brackets. The maximum distance of the brackets is 1.2 meters.

  6. Attach the inlet and outlet to the heater using compression fittings. Tighten the nut firmly and place the compression ring over the pipe.

  7. If everything is connected correctly, you can now fill the system with water. You better not do this alone.

  8. If the boiler indicates a pressure gauge of 1.5 to 2 bar, you must close the water supply. Now bleed the radiators.

  9. If the pressure gauge no longer indicates a pressure of 1.5 to 2 bar, top up the radiator again and bleed the system.

  10. Now the places where the pipe comes through the wall can be finished with a plastic rosette.

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